Learn about the US government with these free educational videos

educational civics videos

These entertaining videos can teach children, teenagers, and even adults about the US government in easily digestible segments. While schools should cover most of these topics, free online videos help curious youngsters learn faster at their own pace. Videos can also review material or provide different viewpoints about the same topic. Try adding some of these videos to your child’s playlist!

Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock

Schoolhouse Rock was a series of animated shorts that played during Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s and later in the 1990s. The catchy tunes helped kids learn about various subjects, but the America Rock series on US history and government remain the most popular of the set. The music video “I’m Just a Bill”, shown below, remains a cultural classic story about how a bill turns into a law.


Schoolhouse Rock has video a nice video specifically about the Electoral College:


You can find various Schoolhouse Rock videos on Youtube, but if you want the official version, the entire America Rock set is available from Amazon here.

Crash Course: US Government and Politics

Crash Course provides popular Youtube video courses on a variety of topics at level suitable for teenagers or even adults. Their high production values, terrific content, and engaging style set them apart from many copycats. Their US Government and Politics course is a must-watch for voters-in-training, and they include a series of videos on topics such as voting, gerrymandering, and political campaigns. Here is a primer to the election process:


Here’s another great video on how voters decide:


You can see the entire US Government and Politics Youtube playlist here, or visit the main Crash Course website.

Ted-Ed: Government Declassified

TED is famous for their TED talk on big ideas from big speakers. Their Ted-Ed program targets youth education with high quality video courses from well-established instructors. Their Government: Declassified series covers a wide variety of contemporary topics that aren’t commonly covered elsewhere, such as impeachment, executive orders, and Labor Day. Ted-Ed also offers timely topics about voting, such as this animated video on the Electoral College:


Here’s another important election video from TED-Ed on the issue of gerrymandering:


You can find the entire Government: Declassified series on Youtube, or go to the listing on the TED-Ed site here.


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