Is your child a liberal or conservative? They can take this quiz to find out.

liberal or conservative children quiz

Would you like to know if your children have liberal or conservative political leanings? Have them fill out this fun quiz to find out.

Welcome to your Liberal or Conservative Kids Quiz!

When should you go to sleep?
Which birthday present arrangement would you prefer?
A cat catches a mouse in the kitchen stealing a cookie. The cat should:
A cat meets a dog on the street. The dog licks the cat's face. The cat should:
Your parents make you do chores on a Saturday. Which superhero do you call to help fight this injustice?
Which side of the school bus do you prefer to sit on?
You just bought your favorite candy bar when your always-hungry friend finds you. Do you:
You just bought your favorite candy bar when your always-hungry parent finds you. Do you:
Which animal do you prefer?
Which collection of letters do you prefer?
You decide to run a lemonade stand over the summer. How will you get lemons?
Your lemonade stand makes ten dollars on the first day of business. What do you do next?
Why does Santa Claus wear a red coat?
You bring home two pet goldfish from school. The goldfish lay eggs, and a week later you have 100 goldfish! Your parents say the goldfish are too expensive. Do you:


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