Lesson plans

We provide free lesson plans in three different domains. We recommend that younger children finish all Foundational Skills lessons first before moving on to the other two categories. Older children and teenagers can benefit immediately from the other categories.

Foundational Skills

critical thinking skills

Foundational Skills lesson plans cover a variety of skills necessary a capable voting citizenry. The skills are not specific to voting, but can be helpful for general education purposes as well. Each lesson plan teaches a skill designed for three different ability groups. As a general guideline, consider Beginner to be 3-5 years, Intermediate to be 5-7 years, and Advanced to be 7-9 years. However, as abilities vary widely by age, these are only meant to be loose recommendations. Lesson plans can be repeated at different skill levels.

Foundational skills lessons



Election History

political knowledge

Election History lesson plans teach students about the specific facts, names, and processes important for understanding US elections. While there may be some overlap with US government or history curriculum, the emphasis is on voting in the modern political environment. We recommend that students complete all Foundational Skills lessons at an Intermediate or Advanced level before proceeding to the Election History lessons. These lessons are are appropriate for older children and teenagers.
Election History lessons



Practice and Participate

practice and participate

Practice and Participate lesson plans provide activities and games to give students hands-on experience with different parts of the current political process. These lessons are meant to increase student engagement with politics. We recommend that students should complete all Political Knowledge lessons before proceeding to the Practice and Practical Application lessons. These lessons are are appropriate for children who have finished the other categories. These lessons may be suitable for older children or teenagers as well.
Practice and participate lessons