Foundational skills

foundational skills

These lesson plans focus on helping young children develop general critical thinking and accessory skills that will form the foundation of voter judgement.

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Foundational skills lesson plans

  • Facts Versus Opinions. Students will learn about the differences between facts and opinions in practical settings. This is a fundamental step towards a clear understanding of political issues.
  • Making Choices. Students will practice their decision making skills and ability to state reasons for their choices. Making a personal choice is the basis of elections.
  • Private Versus Public. Students will discern public and private aspects of various people. This lesson is meant to form a basis for understanding public political figures.
  • Self Improvement. Students will try to improve their own work. Students should experience the realities of improving something so that they can better approach external issues.
  • Understanding Others. Students will practice understanding the viewpoint of others. Empathy is crucial to any democratic process with majority rule.