Memorize the name of all 50 states with these kids songs

fifty states memorization songs

Learning all 50 states is no easy task for children or adults! These old and new songs will help you memorize the names of all fifty American states. While you may have heard one or two of them before, we promise there will be a couple fresh ones as well.

Fifty Nifty United States

The Fifty Nifty United States written by Ray Charles is perhaps the most famous school song for memorizing the names of all fifty states in alphabetical order. If you were in a school choir, you probably sang it. You can find many Youtube videos of children singing their own rendition of this song, some in record time.


Here’s another version from Disney star Sabrina Carpenter singing the song in her hometown:


Animaniacs 50 States and Capitals Song

In episode 21 of season 1 of Animanics, Wakko’s America, Wakko recites the name of all 50 US states and their capitol cities in a response to a quiz show. Most people, including adults, do not know the names of all US capitols, so if your child memorizes this song, that’s quite a feat.


Animanics was famous for eduational songs. A related one is this song listing all US presidents up to the air date.


Tour the States

Tour the States is a song found on the Brain Beats educational music album that lists all fifty American states and capitols, along with interesting snippets about many of the cites and states. It’s an online mini-tour of all the states, accompanied by some catchy animated drawings.


50 States Geography Song

The interesting thing about this song is that unlike the others, it does not go in alphabetical order. Rather, the song goes in geographical order from west to east. You can see this best in the Youtube video with the animated map. Unfortunately, I could not find the name of the original writer of the song.


This song is a great way to learn both the names AND locations of all fifty states.

The 50 States and Capitals Song

This song is similar to the last one in that it includes the state locations in a progression. However, this song goes in the opposite direction from east to west, and also includes all of the capitol city names. The song also uses a rap or hiphop style for a different sounding song. Check it out here:


The 50 States Song by Mr. R

Mr. R from the Kids Picture Show has another song listing all 50 states in alphabetical order. The video has some fun animations to go along with the music.


Do you know any other songs that help children memorize the names of all fifty states? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!



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