Election-themed picture books for young voters-in-training

election themed picture books

Picture books can introduce elections and voting to children even at an early age. While some picture books masquerading as children’s material are really just adult satire, we focus on books that bring positive messages about voting to young children.

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One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote

cat in the hat learning

This book from the Cat in the Hat Learning Libary uses the classic Dr. Seuss rhyming style to teach children about voting, Election Day, political parties and more. This book is quite detailed in going over many topics, with a suggested reading range of 5-8 years old. While living up to the standards of Dr. Seuss is a tall order, author Bonnie Worth manages to capture the essential elements for a truly fun read. Dr. Seuss actually intended to start an educational non-fiction series before he passed away, and we are lucky to have other writers stepping in to take over.

One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote uses a more didactic style, rather than an extended plot. This makes it easier to use as a teaching tool or a kind of reference to start each lesson. If you are a fan of Cat in the Hat, give this book a try. You can purchase the book from Amazon here.

This Little President: A Presidential Primer

this little president

The Little President by Joan Holub is a historical overview of every president from George Washington through Barack Obama. Children will learn facts about every single President and gain an appreciate for the role and responsibilities of a President. This board book is recommended for ages 3-5.

The book has super cute images and uses short and sweet rhymes to convey the information. While the book covers all forty-four presidents, it goes into extra detail for ten highlighted Presidents. Pick up this book online from Amazon here.

If I Ran For President

catherine stier book

If I Ran for President is a book by Catherine Stier is a followup to her earlier If I Were President. In this new offering, six children discuss why they are running for President as well as various subjects such as primaries, interviews, debates, and other relevant topics. If I Ran for President is recommended for ages 6 through 9.

The images and jokes add humor to the topic in order to interest children. This book is jammed full of information. A lengthier note at the beginning of the book provides many facts about running for President. This is a great resource for learning details about a Presidential campaign, short of following an actual one every four years. You can purchase the book from Amazon in ebook, hardcover, or softcover format here.

Grace for President

Grace for president

This former New York Times bestseller by Kelly DiPucchio follows a mock classroom election. When Grace learns about the past US Presidents, she is surprised to see that there are no women Presidents. Her teacher organizes an election between Grace and another boy Tom. Grace works hard at campaigning while Tom loafs around. In the end, Grace wins.

This books sends a powerful and encouraging message to young girls as well as all children about striving for opportunities. The book is appropriate for ages 5-9 and is more story-centric than didactic. For example, the book doesn’t cover the concept of popular vote versus electoral college vote. Grace for President is instead a perfect book for discussing social issues and generating interest in politics. You can purchase it from Amazon here.


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