Election-themed episodes from popular children’s TV shows

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We’ve compiled a list of episodes from popular children’s TV shows that dealt with elections. These shows are a great way to introduce a young child to the idea of running for office and voting. Where available, we’ve also included links for watching the videos online.

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Arthur, Season 5 Episode 6

Arthur is a popular children’s TV show produce by PBS that is currently still running. In this episode of Arthur called The Election, Mr. Ratburn’s class holds a mock presidential election, ending up in a heated runoff between Muffy and Arthur.


While various unofficial copies of this episode are available on Youtube, as shown above, the official Arthur videos for this season are available on Amazon video here.

Sesame Street, Season 15 Episode 1957

This classic episode from Sesame street aired on May 8, 1984. It’s Election Day on Sesame Street, and Big Bird learns all about voting. In the meantime, various other residents using voting to answer questions in their daily situations. This is a fun episode aimed at introducing very young children to the idea of voting. You can watch the relevant scenes on Youtube here:


You can find this episode on Amazon Video’s streaming service here.

The Berenstain Bears, Season 3, Episode 29/27

The Berenstain Bears TV shows translated the beloved book series to the small screen. The Big Election episode originally aired on Oct. 23, 2013, where Big Papa is unhappy with problems around town and decides to run for mayor. Big Papa eventually learns how difficult it is to be mayor and decides to help the city with a team of volunteers instead. The numbering on this episode changes depending on the source. The good news is that the Berenstain Bears official Youtube channel shows the entire episode for free:


If you’re looking for the original picture book, you can find that on Amazon here.

You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown

You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown, was a prime-time special that aired in 1972 just before the 1972 election. Linus runs for student body president, succeeding by a narrow victory, only to learn about the limitations of a student president. This animated special was based on a 1964 Peanuts comic strip. An unofficial copy is currently available on Youtube:


You can find an official version on Amazon video here, or also purchase a DVD copy there.

Peanuts Motion Comics, Season 1, Episode 1

The Peanuts Motion Comics are a 2008 animated remake of some classic Peanuts comics strips, similar to the You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown special mentioned previously. Linus runs for student body president with Lucy as his campaign manager and Charlie Brown as his running mate. Warner Brothers has made this 2-part episode available for free on Youtube:


You can also watch these videos on Amazon here.

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Season 7, Episode 34 (1359)

Mr. Rogers discusses voting and voting machines in this episode that originally aired on April 4, 1974. Unfortunately, we cannot find a way to view or purchase this video at this time.


Do you know of other children’s TV episodes with a voting or election theme? Let us know in the comments below!


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