Educational media

We provide free lesson plans in three different domains. We strongly recommend finishing all Critical Thinking lessons first before moving on to the other two categories.

Read Books

reading books

Picture books and stories are a fun way to learn or re-inforce political concepts. At the most basic level, books can teach children the names of important people or places. However, most young children are also able to understand lessons such as those found in classic fairy tales. We suggest a reading curriculum for children and their parents. In the future, we will also publish children’s book tailored to the audience.

Read books



Videos and Music

watch videos

Children, teens, and even adults can learn about the US political process and issues from engaging online and offline videos. While videos ideally supplement teacher-student interactions, this is not always practical.  Watching videos can provide self-directed learning and is certainly better than not learning at all. We suggest videos for a range of videos for different age groups. In the future, we will produce free educational videos covering relevant topics.
Watch videos



Games and Activities

games and activities

Games and activities are meant to increase interest in politics, provide hands-on teaching, and simply add fun. The very foundation of democracy, elections, is itself a kind of game studied by the field of game theory. It is therefore very appropriate to use games to combine thinking skills with political themes. Voters should be masters of strategy! We provide activities and suggest other games that children and parents may enjoy.
Games and activties