Drawing a Political Cartoon


The Drawing a Political Cartoon module is meant to give students experience in communicating and supporting a political position. To access free printer-friendly PDF versions of lesson plans and worksheets, please subscribe to our email list using the form in the sidebar or bottom of this page.

Lesson plan

Supplies: printer, paper, drawing utensils, computer with drawing software (optional)

  1. The student should review several recent or classic political cartoons.
  2. Give the student a printed copy of the Drawing a Political Cartoon Worksheet.
  3. The student should define these 5 terms in the worksheet and identify examples of how they are used in political cartoons found in Step 1.
    • Symbolism
    • Exaggeration
    • Analogy
    • Labeling
    • Irony
  4. The student should pick a topic of political interest that is being discussed at the national, state, or local level and complete the corresponding Worksheet section describing the issue.
  5. The student should plan to use at least 2 techniques from Step 3 and fill in the corresponding Worksheet planning section.
  6. The student should now draw a political cartoon using the information in the Worksheet. The student could use a computer to draw the cartoon as well.
  7. Share the political cartoon as deemed appropriate by the student’s parents, whether with other family members, submission to the local newspaper, or elsewhere. Be sure to follow guidelines for privacy and safety. What feedback was received?
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Drawing a Political Cartoon Worksheet

Definitions of cartoon techniques:

  • Symbolism:
  • Exaggeration:
  • Analogy:
  • Labeling:
  • Irony:

My political issue

What is my issue:



My position on the issue:



Arguments supporting my position:



What is the opposing position?



Cartoon techniques I will use

Technique 1:

How will I use this technique:



Technique 2:

How will I use this technique:



My political cartoon:








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