Voting and education are both community activities, so we cannot succeed without the community’s support.

The most important way to contribute is to educate your families or to help other families do so. Please share this site with those that can benefit from it.

If you have expertise, knowledge, or other ways to contribute, we would be happy to look for ways to collaborate with you. We will also consider partnering with commercial entities that support our mission. Please get in touch using our Contact page.

This site is funded by the owner’s personal (and rather meager) resources. You are welcome to get in touch if you would like to donate financially. However, please keep in mind that the simple actions of providing feedback or sharing the site on your social media are just as valuable at this stage.

Equipment or services that would particularly benefit us at the moment include:

  • A portable microphone isolation box, acoustic shielding, or other simple and cost-effective microphone setups

While not urgent, we will always welcome help with the following:

  • Book reading and other voice over talent
  • Graphic design and art services
  • Musical performance and songwriting
  • Copyright permission for useful and relevant media assets
  • Politicians, parents, educators, and other figures of relevance willing to be interviewed