election themed picture books

Election-themed picture books for young voters-in-training

Picture books can introduce elections and voting to children even at an early age. While some picture books masquerading as ...
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political cartoons for kids

Five classic political cartoons for teaching children

Cartoons have a long tradition in US politics. However, some of them can be frightening or just too confusing for ...
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calvin hobbes politics

Calvin and Hobbes comic strips with a political flavor

You might think that comic strips are for children, but you'll occasionally run across political commentary or other mature topics ...
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fifty states memorization songs

Memorize the name of all 50 states with these kids songs

Learning all 50 states is no easy task for children or adults! These old and new songs will help you ...
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children tv election

Election-themed episodes from popular children’s TV shows

We've compiled a list of episodes from popular children's TV shows that dealt with elections. These shows are a great ...
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educational civics videos

Learn about the US government with these free educational videos

These entertaining videos can teach children, teenagers, and even adults about the US government in easily digestible segments. While schools ...
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election themed family board games

These election-themed board games teach politics while having fun

Election-themed family board games a great way to engage political interest in older children and teenagers. They are also a ...
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us citizenship quiz

Can your child pass a US citizenship test?

Here are ten questions similar to those found on a US Citizenship Test. How would you are and your child ...
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santa claus socialist

Is Santa Claus a socialist?

The holidays are an excellent time for family discussion about philanthropy and its role in society, particularly with older children ...
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celebrity politics

What political views do your children’s favorite celebrities hold?

Children often look up to celebrities. Do you know what political views your child's favorite celebrities hold? Discussing their views ...
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liberal or conservative children quiz

Is your child a liberal or conservative? They can take this quiz to find out.

Would you like to know if your children have liberal or conservative political leanings? Have them fill out this fun ...
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