Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education. – President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Message for American Education Week, 1938.

Our mission and vision

Our mission at RaisingVoters.com is to raise the next generation of voters. We aim to provide the very best non-partisan educational resources for civic-minded parents and teachers.

Our values

When our children reach voting age, they will face new social, economic, and political challenges that do not currently exist. They will also inherit a growing legacy of unsolved problems from past generations. We cannot possibly give our children all of the answers that they will need. To think so is hubris. That’s why our goal at RaisingVoters.com is preparation and not indoctrination.

We believe that improving education is the long-term key to securing our democratic nation’s future. We want to plant the seeds for widespread critical thinking skills and active political engagement. We may never see the fruits of our labor during our lifetime, but we hope that our children will. Our focus is on their future, not ours.

Our work

RaisingVoters.com provides free lesson plans and other teaching materials to develop and train a voting electorate from an early age. In addition to teaching critical thinking skills, we also seek to raise age-appropriate awareness and interest in political processes.

We are actively developing new educational materials and look to incorporate diverse and modern forms of media. We gladly partner with teachers, authors, artists, and others who want to join us in our mission.